Here, it's about health

In a more and more anwiety-provoking and time-consuming world, it became difficult to take care of our own health : the frantic rythm that the modern society imposes does not match with a healthy way of life. Yet, it is easy to keep good habits to protect your health all along the year.


To preserve your health, the most important is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet : forget the restrictive diets, which will help you loose weight wuickly but will lead you to frustration, and weight regain as fast as you loose it. Make fruits and vegetables your first choice at will, drink much water and limit your saturated fat intake, because they are stored by your body and block your arteries. Moreover, do not ignore your protein intake, that you will be able to find in meat and fish.


Because a healthy diet is useless with no physical activity, do not forget to play sport : thirty minuts a day are enough to stay fit. You also can practise a real sport, like footing, swimming or horse riding as well. But if you are not talented enough or if you do not want to throw yourself into a sport, there many other ways of playing sport : take the stairs instead of the elevator, bring your kids to school on foot instead of driving the car, walk with your dog... With these little simple activities, you will reach thirty minutes of sport very quickly !


The wellness of your body also calls for the one of your spirit : so do not hesitate to grant yourself some relaxing moments to chill out and carry away all the tensions daily accumulated. For example you can benefit from a spa session, or simply have a sunday afternoon nap. These simple pleasures will contribute to make a happy person of you.